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flying frog academy

Welcome to the new Flying Frog Academy! We’ve been working all summer to get ready for our opening on September 2nd and can’t wait to show you our parkour-dreamland! Help us make Flying Frog Sonoma County’s premier parkour & freerunning school and pre-register now; if you do, you’ll get $10 off your September tuition!

Raising funds for the new gym!

We plan on having our Grand Opening in early October, but until then we want to make the gym as awesome as possible! Help us by sharing this link or donating.

Thank you!

New gym, on its way!

Something new is at the gym every day! Don’t forget, we start running classes and open gyms Sep 1. If you sign up now, you can get $10 off, sign up here:

$10 off with pre-registration!

Sign up for classes at right now and save $10!

Half Walls

Construction Marathon

Hey everybody – I know a lot of you are wondering if we’re going to be open soon… the answer is YES! We’re working furiously trying to get the gym ready for you guys and will have a class schedule out tomorrow!

  • Pricing Menu

    *Annual Registration Fee
    1 Class per Week
    $75.00 / month
    2 Classes per Week
    $131.25 / month
    3 Classes per Week
    $187.50 / month
    4 Classes per Week
    $243.75 / month
    Unlimited Adult Open Gym
    $60.00 / month
    Drop-In Open Gym
    $10.00 / class
    Drop-In Class (Space Permitting)
    $20.00 / class
    10% Military & Public Safety Families
    Pre-pay for 1 full trimester - get 5% off
    20% off the 2nd sibling
    25% off the 3rd sibling
    4th & 5th siblings are free!

    *Annual Registration Fee & online enrollment required for all students, including drop-ins.

    **Discounts apply to monthly tuition only and do not apply to drop-ins.