707.292.8201 info@flyingfrogfreerunning.com 215 Classic Ct. Rohnert Park, CA
707.292.8201 info@flyingfrogfreerunning.com 215 Classic Ct. Rohnert Park, CA

Adult Classes & Open Gyms

Discover why people love what we do.

We understand you need a break.

Work deadlines, classes, tests, family, and finances — when is there any time left for you? We get it; with everything going on in your life, it feels like there’s nothing left. But, did you know just taking a one hour break can actually increase work productivity, creativity, and overall energy? At Flying Frog we want you to  play hard, so you can work hard, and our flexible membership options and class times make it easy to take care of your most important resource. You.

We like to work with people.

We all know moving is healthy, and we should do it more often, but that our fears, uncertainties, bad habits, past injuries, and ageing bodies are what are standing in the way. We also understand everyone is at a different place on their journey with movement; different people with different pasts; regardless, you’re on the right path just by being here. At Flying Frog we’re here to work alongside you, at your pace and at your skill level. Whether you already move everyday or would like to start to, we want to work with you!

We work hard to make moving fun!

Most people feel like they are supposed to move out of obligation and can’t imagine “fun” and “working out” existing together. At Flying Frog, we believe differently! Everything offered here is designed to help you discover that moving your body in different ways (running, jumping, reaching, balancing, throwing, crawling, climbing, vaulting, leaping, landing, flipping, and turning) can be fun!

We are a community of movers.

We’re offering you the opportunity to discover the innate joy of moving your body within a community of like-minded people. All of our memberships are free to try, and give you access to any of our beginning level classes.

Our core body of disciplines consists of:

  • • Parkour
  • • Acrobatics
  • • Handstands
  • • Movement Prep
  • • Frog Conditioning

Adult Class & Open Gym Schedule

Below is our Adult Class & Open Gym Schedule. It may take a moment to load. You can view more information and manage your account at MINDBODY.
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