The word comes from the French “parcours,” which literally means, “the way through,” or “the path.” What we now all know as “Parkour,” with a “k,” had its origins in a training program for the French Special Forces known as “Parcours du combattant,” or “The Path of the Warrior.” It was David Belle, a French dude, son of a Parcours Warrior and the “inventor,” of Parkour, who changed the “c” to a “k,” and along with his comrades, the Yamakazi, began the worldwide movement you are now officially a part of and which also includes the phenomenon known as Freerunning (confused yet? Don’t give up! You’re almost there!
Students will learn to navigate their environment and accomplish fun movement challenges while learning parkour specific movements and skills. All of our classes focus on safety, precision, and perseverance, while also incorporating explorative play, strength building, and creativity.