707.292.8201 info@flyingfrogfreerunning.com 215 Classic Ct. Rohnert Park, CA
707.292.8201 info@flyingfrogfreerunning.com 215 Classic Ct. Rohnert Park, CA

Kid/Teen Classes & Open Gyms

Find out why Flying Frog is perfect for your kids.

Learning & movement through play.

Flying Frog loves to teach people how to play, whether it’s climbing up walls or swinging from bars – the cool part is, play presents children with a particularly strong opportunity for growth because it meets the needs of the whole, individual child. All domains of children’s development – cognitive, social, emotional, and physical – are intricately intertwined.

Friendly & knowledgable coaches.

At Flying Frog our instructors not only love what they do, but we make sure they go through at least 12 weeks of initial training. We believe good instructors are not only called upon to improve their students performance, but to also encourage positive thinking, resilience, a good work ethic, and respect and love for the game. The influence a good coach can have on their athlete’s life can go way beyond the gym.

Enriching Environment

The way the physical environment is designed and configured influences how children feel, act, and behave. At Flying Frog Academy we offer students the opportunity to run, jump, reach, balance, throw, crawl, climb, vault, leap, land, flip, and turn!

We are a community of movers.

Almost every kid we’ve met wants to be the next Wonder Woman, Spiderman or ninja, and at Flying Frog we promise to nurture their inner super-hero. The best part is all of our beginner classes are free to try so we can make sure we’re a good fit for your family.

Our core body of disciplines consists of:

  • • Parkour
  • • Acrobatics

Kid/Teen Class & Open Gym Schedule

Below is our Kid/Teen Class & Open Gym Schedule. It may take a moment to load. You can view more information and manage your account at MINDBODY.
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