707.292.8201 info@flyingfrogfreerunning.com 215 Classic Ct. Rohnert Park, CA
707.292.8201 info@flyingfrogfreerunning.com 215 Classic Ct. Rohnert Park, CA

Teen Night

4 hours of screen-free awesome games, music and fun for teens ages 13 - 17 Yrs.

A four hour night of awesomeness.

From 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM teens will jump, climb, swing, and flip! Both beginners and experienced students will conquer tricky parkour challenges and obstacle courses, try our warped wall, flip into the foam pit, and get the chance to learn new skills! We’ll take NERF to the next level with elaborate games and battles – we’ll bring out the big guns too! And of course, we’ll be blasting tunes throughout and chowing down on pizza for dinner. Without the younger kids underfoot, the gym is YOURS!


Cheaper than a babysitter.


(must have a monthly class membership)
  • $7.50/hour
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  • $8.75/hour
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Teen Night Schedule

Below is our Teen Night Schedule. It may take a moment to load. You can view more information and manage your account at MINDBODY.
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